A new OS for a new generation

Designing a modular, future proof operating system for the URSA Mini camera and its successors

Client: Blackmagic Design
Primary role: UI Prototyping Lead
Time frame: 2016


Design of the Blackmagic URSA Mini Software 4.0. Its aim is to provide fast access to the commonly used features of the camera, making working on set as simple and intuitive as possible.

All important camera functions can be accessed with a single tap on the new heads up display, there’s a digital “slate” that makes metadata entry a breeze, and a dashboard that uses simple tap and swipe gestures for record settings, monitoring, audio, camera setup, presets and LUTs.


The challenge

Blackmagic Design wanted to build a new operating system for their upcoming cameras that was modular, versatile and easy to use.

The UX team was tasked to design the new system from the ground up, adopting it perfectly for the fast-paced environment it's going to be used in as well as providing familiarity to the camera's operator without the need of having to study a manual.


My role

As one of the leading team members, I played a key role in designing the interface. It was my responsibility to oversee the UI prototyping and testing stages while being heavily involved in shaping the UX and Information Architecture the platform.



The operating system was launched in 2016 and got very positive feedback. Users praised its ease of use and ability to change settings quickly in order to adapt to changing shooting conditions.

Red Dot Award Good Design Australia DNDA