From 0 to MVP in six weeks

Creating a crypto money transfer platform at a faster pace than Bitcoin’s price fluctuations

Client: PEXX
Primary role: Senior Product Designer
Time frame: 2023


Pexx is a platform that allows users to send USDC & USDT (stable coins) to a recipient and convert it into FIAT currency at the same time.

Users can send stable coins to many destinations worldwide by either using their PEXX wallet or connecting their existing Metamask wallet.

It was my task to provide designs and define the scope of the platform to launch, making UX improvements to the existing proof of concept and developing it into a fully functional MVP. And all that within six weeks, working in the true sense of startup pace.


The PEXX web application

No time for validation

With tight timeframes like this, I had to throw out big parts of the playbook and make the process work for me. So instead of research, synth, testing and iterating based on data, I had to rely on my judgment and assumptions to create all necessary screens and flows.

And the fact that the new branding was being developed at the same time shouldn’t make things easier.

Sometimes you need to throw out the playbook and find creative solutions that work.

POC UX Review

What is our truth?

First, I conducted an initial competitor analysis and a UX review to gather insights and define our approach. The problem here was: There was no source of truth. The existing Figma file was out of date and the web POC was accessible (not functional) half of the time, at best.

So I cobbled together the different pieces I had access to to create a “UI” to work off, conducting the review on my Frankenstein.

It turned out it was good enough for that, and the analysis identified the main areas of focus in the following design phase. All stakeholders agreed with the findings and I was able to proceed to create a customer journey map and user flows that should serve as our new baseline and source of truth.


Loose branding assets and designs used as a baseline

No source of truth? No problem, we’ll mix and match to create a baseline.

User flows

Fast paced working and ad-hoc meetings

To deliver the project within the given timeframe, I was working in parallel with the stakeholders. When I finished a screen, they would review it and make their comments and I would then jump between screens to work them into the designs while simultaneously designing the next screen.

On top of that, to keep the designs consistent and future-proof, I created a foundational component library that could be extended into a full Design System in a subsequent phase of the project. Given the ways of working we had established, this meant creating, amending and updating components as I went along while making sure it wouldn’t break anywhere or, more importantly, any screens that were already signed off.

Organising meetings between schedules, personal lives and four time zones spanning half the globe was challenging but didn’t slow us down.
Bound Express

The foundational component library

An MVP and a roadmap for future expansion

The design solution reflects the new branding and incorporates UX best practice to make it easy for all users to transfer and deposit funds as well as to manage their contact lists.

The foundational modular component library defines the rules and guidelines of the new design, incorporating the new brand styles. It can easily be amended and serve as a basis for a future full fleshed Design System.

I accompanied the solution with recommendations for both Phase 2 and Phase 3 of the project, aligning with the potential growth in features and user base.

Bound Express

The PEXX web application optimised for mobile phones