Rubik's Cube meets Tetris

Design, development and marketing of an iOS puzzle game that challenges your spatial thinking

Client: Personal project
Primary role: Designer & Developer
Time frame: 2015


Aircube combines the mechanics of Rubic's Cube and Tetris to create a cube from the structure on the screen within a limited amount of moves.

The player needs to solve more and more complex and structures, challenging his spatial thinking and problem solving capacities. The intuitive user interface and the reduction of graphical elements create a unique, elegant design that minimizes distraction and lets users focus on solving the puzzle that is in front of them.


The challenge

I designed and developed the indie game using Swift and SceneKit. This personal project was created as I wanted to learn the Swift language and develop/distribute an app on the Apple App Store. Once the Apple Watch and Apple TV were released, I added additional levels and features to the game to harness the capabilities of both devices.



I launched the game in 2015 initially, and besides moderate download numbers, received overwhelmingly positive feedback of 4.8 stars. The game is available in 9 languages for iOS and tvOS on the Apple App Store.